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Posted By Karlie on 11/12/18 - Bookmark Pinky June

Could you just imagine having your own porn site. I mean, obviously they’re a lot of work, but I’m not talking about all that. I’m talking about the obvious perk. Having pussy thrown at you every single day. Girl after beautiful girl begging, willing to do anything you want her to do, just to get to fuck on camera. I think about it and it’s just hard for me to imagine. Leaving my house, kissing my wife goodbye, heading to the office hun. Then getting to work and having a parade of the hottest women you’ve ever seen, stand in front of you and take off all their clothes.

Just letting you admire and rate them. Then they’re all yours to play with. Make them suck you off, or maybe bend them over your desk. It would be entirely up to you what you wanted to do with them. Get this Net Video Girls discount for 50% off and see how it actually goes down. It will blow your mind.

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Posted By Admin on 11/01/18 - Bookmark Pinky June

By now it should be old news that virtual reality audio visual media is where the future is heading and anyone that doesn’t adapt will be left behind. In fact, as someone employed in this industry I am of the firm opinion that if you have not already started heading in this direction as a content provider you are already in trouble.

It really is only the hardware side of things that’s holding it back else we would already have been fully converted in the upper echelons of the industry. You only need to note that up until recently, if not still, there were VR goggles for sale made of cardboard and you’d pay a pretty penny for them too. Most of all, those who were offering these on the market did so with a straight face. It’s a fucking joke really… robbery to be more on point.

Get 80% off now with a Babe VR discount and become a part of this world if you’re not already. The site is really good especially when it comes to the quality. It’s the abundance of male sex dolls used that I find a little odd… does this not defeat the purpose of the immersion element of VR?

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A Peach By Any Other Name

Pornstars often go by several different names. Especially if they have worked on different continents of the world. Different regions have differing ideas on what makes a name sexy. So here in America we call this hot blonde Pinky June, but to the rest of the world she is mostly known by her other stage name Grace Hartley.

No matter what name you know her by you all love her because she is beautiful in every sense of the word and she loves to fuck. Get a bigger discount to Pinky June. The place that ties all of this kind of shit together!

While there look up the extensive collection of big tits porn discounts you can find in their categories menu. Also pay close attention to the best deals page. It has free porn!

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